The Difference Between Vaping and Smoking

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There has been plenty debate on whether or not "vaping" is safer than "smoking" in terms of health. Vaping is taking off at this time with many people choosing the alternative over smoking. There are in fact a number of differences between smoking a cigarette and vaping. The choice is up to the person whether or not they want to consider vaping over smoking. The health benefits of vaping over smoking is known and would be seen as a safer way than smoking cigarettes. In order to understand the benefits a person would first need to know what vaping is as opposed to smoking.

What Is Vaping 

Vaping has been considered as smoking but this is not true as vaping is not at all the same as smoking. Vapiing will allow current smokers to be able to enjoy nicotine without the large risk that comes from smoking. Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin is used in the liquids when vaping as it is also mixed with small amounts of nicotine. The added chemicals will be from the flavor of the liquid in order to give off a taste. The vaporizer is powered by an atomizer that creates the vapor that is inhaled and exhaled. It may seem as if the person is smoking but when vaping the person is simply inhaling and exhaling vapor instead of smoke. 

Smoking Vs Vaping

Smoking is known to have an odor or a stench when exhaled while cigarette smoking while vapor leaves no smell or stench. Vaping will allow a person to get a nicotine taste without having to leave behind a stench or odor while inhaling. Cigarettes leave behind a smoke cloud from the burning tobacco while vaping does not leave behind a burning cloud. Along with smoking the tobacco will have a mixture of chemicals unlike what is found when vaping. The materials founded in cigarettes cause:

-Kidney Damage
-Liver Damage
-Human carcinogen
-Bladder cancer
-Raises blood pressure
-Damages lining of nose and lungs
-Upper respiratory irritation
-Kills immune functions
-Brain damage
-Skin irritation
-Eye irritation
-Damages heart function
-Damages muscle function
-And many more issues

The chemicals found in vaping juices are located below:

-Propylene Glycol
-Vegetable Glycerol
-Flavoring from different types of juices

The list above shows the ingredients in e juices that are used in vaping which are safer than what are found in cigarettes.

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Avoid Gunking Up Your Vape Coils!

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Being someone who enjoys vaping, one of the worst things that can happen is having your coils get all gunked up. Having a gunky coil can not only cause you to have dry hits, but it could also end up burning out your vape. This, in turn, will lead you to spend more money replacing everything. The best way to combat this is to make sure you are doing certain things that will help prevent this. Some of the things you can do will be talked about more in depth below. You'll save money and you'll be able to have a better vaping experience overall.

To start with, you can just clean your coil. By cleaning coils regularly, you can stay on top of the issue before the gunk really has a chance to build up. This might seem inconvenient or like it would be time consuming, but doing this will actually save you time in the long run.

The next thing you can do to combat coil gunk is to change the material of your wick. While most people use cotton because it's cheap, it isn't the greatest at is staying in one piece when it's vaped at high temperatures. This is an issue if you vape at high temperatures a lot or if you don't give your vape a long break between sessions. Changing to something like ceramic or silica can help tremendously.

This next one has to do with using hot water. All you have to do is take apart your vape and drop the entire base into the water. This will help make sure all parts get any and all gunk removed. Keep in mind, though, that you don't want to submerge certain parts, such as your batter, because it will ruin your vape.

If you've an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner then you can use it for your vape as well. All you have to do is fill it with water and put your coils right in. The ultrasonic waves will really help to get every little bit of gunk off. Another great thing about this method is that you don't have to worry about any leftover residue because it uses plain water.

One final thing you can do is watch what kinds of liquids you're using. While some liquids are fine, others really let gunk build up. Some of the top liquids that are bad for this are ones that are sweet, high in VG, dark in color, and have NET. If you love these liquids then make sure you are cleaning your vape after a few sessions. This will let you continue using the liquids you love and also help you avoid the gunk build up.

These are just a few of the things you can do to help prevent your coils getting gunked up. By paying attention and doing these things, you will be able to minimize the risk of this happening. The biggest tip is to make sure you get all the gunk off when cleaning and try not to leave any behind. Let's face it, no one wants to be vaping on nasty and gunky coils. Everyone wants to have a fantastic experience with vaping and doing these things to help keep your coils clean and clear will help you achieve that.

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Top 3 Fruity E-Liquids From Umba Vape

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The fruit-inspired vape juice flavors from Umba Vape are a far cry from the synthetic-tasting e-liquids that flood the market. Each e-juice is handcrafted to deliver extraordinary tastes for the refined palate. If you're looking to branch out from the same old fruit blends, these three vape juices will intoxicate you with remarkable flavor.

Fruity E-Liquid #3: Stay Gold Vape Juice

Stay Gold vape juice is the most refreshing apple flavor out there. The secret behind the outstanding taste of this e-liquid is the ingredients that it contains. In this vape juice, you'll find nothing but high-quality apple extracts that guarantee authentic, pure and exquisite flavor.

When you inhale Stay Gold vape juice, succulent apple juice slowly drips along the tongue, soaking into each taste bud with its gently tart and pleasantly sweet flavor. As this yummy e-juice continues to saturate the palate, its crisp flavor quenches your thirst. On the exhale, the apple flavor becomes deliciously sweet, enticing the sweet tooth with its refreshing nectar.

Fruity E-Liquid #2: Tropics Vape Juice

Tropics vape juice is an homage to tangy, silky tropical fruit flavor. Instead of overloading this flavor with too many fruits, Umba Vape has instead crafted the most intense mango and passion fruit flavors before blending them together to create something magical.

When you inhale Tropics vape juice, tangy and sweet mango flavor runs down the tongue like a magical elixir from the heavens. The tropical flavor of this fruit allows your mind to drift away to paradise as your thirst is instantly satisfied. When you exhale, a pleasantly tart bath of passion fruit flavor balances out the mango flavor wonderfully.

Fruity E-Liquid #1: Budapest Vape Juice

There's nothing like taking a bite out of a fresh, juicy and plump peach. The taste of peaches reaches brand new levels when it's combined with rich vanilla ice cream. Budapest vape juice is a summertime flavor that delivers the layers of tastes that you enjoy when indulging in a peach sundae. 

When you inhale Budapest vape juice, luscious peach juice splashes onto the palate, making its way to the back of the throat slowly. As the peach flavor refreshes every taste bud, a flood of silky vanilla ice cream drenches the palate. The vanilla and peach flavors marry on the exhale.

These three fruity flavors from Umba Vape are anything but ordinary. If you're ready to enjoy e-liquid flavors that are nuanced and complex, grab all three of these flavors and savor each and every puff.

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Cloud Chasing: What it is and How it Started

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Everyone has heard of vaping, one of the newest trends and better alternatives to smoking, but did you know that it is a competitive sport?
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Tobacco enthusiasts are beyond pleased to discover the e-liquid collection from Tastemaker WTA
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