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Do people want to punch you in the face? 11 ways to avoid being a vaping idiot

Posted by TasteMaster Umba on

Personally, I’m irked by the negative vape memes and condescending remarks towards vapers. However, when I take a good hard look at some of the vapers around me, I can see where some of the negativity is coming from.

Having bad vape etiquette just aggravates this kind of negativity.

Far from being charming and upstanding, there is a small number of ecig users that really should reconsider their vaping etiquette. Not only is being respectful of people around you just good karma, but it’s a reflection on the entire vape community.

Although there are no strict rules to the proper etiquette of vaping, your electronic cigarette manners could be the factor that motivates a smoker to switch, or stay smoking.

So, make your mom proud and follow these easy eleven pointers to using your vape in a kind and considerate way. Who knows, you could help change someone’s life.

1. Vape clouds - size doesn't count in the restaurant

Unless in you’re in the midst of an epic comp, when you’re in public, it is not necessary for you to be chasing the biggest clouds and throwing down your most technical vape tricks. As impressive as your clouds might be, they will only bring you unhappiness if you flaunt them inappropriately.


Anywhere that is enclosed, busy, and a public space, is an inappropriate place to blow your biggest clouds. For example: restaurants, public transport and cinemas. It’s also important to note that some states have had e cigs banned in public places.

Besides, why waste your talent on a cramped place and an unappreciative audience? Save your skills for nice, big, wide open spaces where you can truly showcase your tricks to fellow cloud chasers who actually get it.


2.Vaping in public - ask before you get told

In fact, it’s always a good idea to check if vaping is permitted indoors. Besides the fact that many states are banning vaping in public places, a lot of establishments want to keep a sort of family-friendly atmosphere.

Sometimes business owners simply don’t want to upset pedantic or ignorant people. So they prefer vapers to perfume the outdoor air with that sweet vapor.

Yeah, yeah, it’s not smoke. That was my argument too. Until I was totally schooled by the manager of a local steak ranch. Take it from me, it's best if you avoid being publicly humiliated. Rather, you should try to be super considerate where it comes to your e-cig manners.

Check out this handy list if you want to know if vaping is allowed in public in your state, and you are interested in what laws against vaping in public exist.


3. Smoke On The Water - Clouds In The Restroom

Sorry to break it to you, but you're not fooling anyone with your lengthy toilet breaks. Firstly, the massive cloud of vapor emanating from the cubicle is kind of noticeable. Secondly, you should be passed out from deydration if you’ve really used the toilet that many times in one day.

As a rule of thumb, if vaping in public buildings is prohibited in your state, that rule extends to public bathrooms too.

All jokes aside, the transition from analog to e-cig is not easy. The nicotine cravings can be brutal, especially if you’re someone whose brain chemistry needs the background alkaloids to feel any kind of normal.

Rather than getting fired for setting up office in the lavatory (while still not managing to concentrate with any kind of competence), you could try WTA to ease the transition and get you vaping less.

For a full, but concise breakdown of e-liquids, including the difference between WTA and USP, check this out.


4. E-cigarettes and children - get out of their face

This should be obvious, but unfortunately it isn’t always.

I know a good few people that would literally turn a douche-stick (vape) into a lethal weapon if a vaper blew cloud anywhere near their kid’s face. I also know just as many people who really aren’t used to kids. These friends often forget to be more mindful of the young’uns.

Although the vapor shouldn’t pose any real danger, it’s extremely important to keep your stash out of reach of children and pets at all times. Mods can be a fire hazard, and juice containing nicotine is extremely toxic if swallowed.

Also, cats can’t tolerate propylene glycol, so don’t saturate your kitty palace with PG vapor. Although some e-liquid companies think it’s okay to package their products in candy-looking wrappers, the warnings are on the bottles for a reason.


5. I'm Not A Junkie, Mom - E-liquids and your family

So you vape now. That means you probably need to get to explaining your bottles and droppers to the fan-dam. Most importantly, remember to let everyone know that even though the flavors sound and smell delicious, e-liquids are in no way edible.

Allocate a cool, dark, dry and out-of-reach place for all your vape paraphernalia - like a high cupboard with a lock - and keep your stuff there. Don’t be a mess, throw your empty bottles into the recycling bin and dispose of your used coils immediately.


6. Don't be an E-Cig Evangelist 

You don't smoke anymore! You feel like you're going to live forever now! Good for you! And that’s exactly it, if it’s good for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work out so easily for everybody else.

Stay humble, stay informed, and offer advice where asked. Please don’t force your new thing on every smoker you meet. It makes it look like vaping is a cult activity.


7. Don't be an E-Cig Einstein

So you’ve taken your vape to the next level. You’ve discovered sub-ohm vaping and have spent countless hours studying your new calling on the interwebs.

Maybe you feel like you deserve a degree in physics. Perhaps you feel like you’re more advanced, more sophisticated, than the average ecig user. It's possible that you now gaze upon cigalikes and clearomizers with disdain.

Unfortunately, one week of sub-ohm vaping doesn’t make you Einstein. An elevated opinion of yourself is probably the fastest way to alienate your friends and family. If you act like you’re better than everybody else, they’ll assume you don’t need them.

Ain’t no amount of cloud worth losing your people over.


8. Famous Vapers? Why waste your time?

Cara Delevigne, Michelle Rodrigues, Katy Perry, Kate Moss, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Tom Hardy, Jack Nicolson, Dennis Quaid, Katherine Heigl, Samuel L Jackson, Bruno Mars, Sean Penn, Alexa Chung, Isla Fisher, Bradley Cooper, Zoe Kravitz, Spencer Matthews, Robert Pattinson, and of course, Leo.

The list of famous vapers keeps going, and probably grows longer by the second. As I’ve just learnt, it is pointless to recite this never-ending list, not to mention, highly annoying for anyone within a 30 foot radius.


9. Flavor Schmavor

Your favourite e-liquid could be someone else's gag reflex. Everyone is different, we all have personal preferences. Where that banana cream ejuice is simply heaven in a bottle to you, it may remind your SO of that time in middle school when a 6 month old banana-flavored yoghurt found its way into their school lunch.

Be kind, be sensitive to their trauma of a walking, talking, cultured banana creature. Don’t vape that flavor around them 24/7. There are plenty of amazing flavors to explore, maybe you might find your new favorite (that doesn’t stir up memories of nightmarish ordeals).


10. Two's a crowd on my vape cloud, baby

I’m of the opinion that girls that vape are hella sexy. What’s not sexy is if you have to interrupt some intimate time every 5 seconds for a pull of vapor. You may want to re-evaluate your priorities if you just can't put your vape down, regardless of how steamy things get.

Props to you for taking your commitment to ecigs so seriously, but keep the phrase “everything in moderation” in mind. Remember to love humans too. We call it “Netflix and chill”, not “Netflix and chill and vape”.


11. Stay informed about e-cigarette innovations

Perhaps you didn’t realise it when you decided to quit smoking stinky cigarettes and take up the sophisticated alternative of vaping instead. Once you switch, you inadvertently become an ambassador of the movement. A freedom fighter for the rights and respect of vapers everywhere.

With this heroic role comes great responsibilities. One of which is staying up-to-date with innovations and vape news. You don’t need to be a Googlebot, you just need to pay attention to what’s going on around you.

In this way you get to be knowledgeable enough to help someone switch to ecigs. You’ll also be able to explain vaping and vape safety to ignorant people in a respectful way, using facts not emotion. What’s more, you get to make sure your vape experience remains top quality.


Final word

When you’ve just started vaping, it’s difficult to ascertain exactly what is acceptable vaping etiquette and what is just plain rude. That said, even seasoned vapers can get it wrong from time to time.

This handy guide is put-together partly for vapes and giggles, partly out of a genuine desire to offer some advice. However, there is one simple rule to ecig etiquette that’s pretty uncomplicated:

treat others how you want to be treated.


If you're keen on learning more about what exactly goes into your e-liquid, get The Ultimate E-Guide To E-Liquids for absolutely, FREE!

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  • Great post and all so true, I have been vaping for 4 years now after smoking the gross things for 35 years and have seen all of the above at one point. Even though it smells a lot better then cigarettes you still have to use some manners.

    Michelle Mackey on

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