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3 Key Tips To Avoid Getting a Burnt Taste

Posted by David Nadel on

A drag from your device can be any number of flavors, from sweet and fruiting to bitter or tart. The quickest way to ruin any of these e-juices is the presence of a burnt flavor. Anyone familiar with vaping has likely run into this. Luckily there are three easy tips to avoid running into one of the biggest downsides of vaping.

Tip #1: Adjust Your Wattage
As appealing as it is to have the strongest hit you can, there can be too much of a good thing. Not all coils are made to withstand higher hits. Selecting the best wattage mostly depends on the atomizer in your vape. Most atomizers run from 1.5-2.1 ohms. If you are using a lower resistant atomizer, then you want to avoid using higher wattage. Obviously as you move to a higher end atomizer the wattage can increase as well. As a rule, try to avoid using the highest wattage available to ovoid the burn taste ruining the flavor. 

Tip #2: Refill Tank or Vaping Frequency
A major reason you may encounter an unpleasant burning taste is because there is no juice to burn. This can happen when the cotton is not adequately wet. Vapes will work best when there is plenty of juice in them. With that in mind, consider watching your vape to see if it happens as the juice falls below half way. This could be the cause as most vapes work best when they are over half full.

Another tip to keep plenty of flavor flowing is to slow down your vape frequency. Slowing down allows more time for the cotton to soak up the juice reducing the chances of running into the burnt flavor. If you aren’t sure if there is adequate juice hitting the cotton you can pull air through the vape a few times without pressing the button. This pulls the juice into the cotton making it available for your next hit.

A unique way to ensure that the juice makes its way to the cotton is to drip it directly on the cotton when filling the tank.

Tip #3: Replace Coils
If these simple tips don’t prevent the burnt taste from dominating the flavor of your e-juice consider your coil’s age. Most coils only last a few weeks before needing to be replaced. As the coil reaches the end of its life it will begin to throw a burnt taste into the mix. Making sure the cotton in the coil is sufficiently soaked before each hit is a great way to prolong the life of your coil. As coil burnout is mostly due to the cotton burning it’s important to stop vaping and address any burning flavor you taste imminently to prevent any undue damage.

These tips should help any person who would like to try vaping, or does currently vape but having trouble, better enjoy their experience. The best part about vaping is the wealth of flavors available, follow these tips and you can keep them tasting their best.

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