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3 Reasons Why A Vape Battery Could Overheat

Posted by David Nadel on

As more vapers make the switch to vaping, it's becoming readily apparent that vape batteries sometimes have a tendency to overheat. This can be dangerous and can also pose some risk of personal injury so it is important to know the most common reasons why these batteries could overheat.

One common reason is that the battery could be damaged in some way. Most of the time this happens because the battery has suffered some type of physical damage that has occurred after it was purchased, but from time to time, a battery may be purchased that has some internal physical damage that is not readily apparent to the naked eye when it is purchased. The only remedy for the situation is to safely discard the battery and purchase a new one.

Another common reason that a vape battery could overheat is that the entire device is left in a location where the temperatures get extremely hot. For example, if you leave the device laying out in your automobile during the hottest parts of the day and the sun is shining on it, there is every chance that the battery itself will overheat due to the ambient temperature. This occurs in much the same fashion that your cell phone would overheat. If you are going to leave it in a hot automobile, take the time to put it away in a console or in the glove box so that it is not out in the elements.

Finally, improper use may result in battery overheating. For instance, if you don't recharge the battery properly you may cause the battery to overheat. In most cases, the battery has a fail-safe device that automatically stops the charge when the battery is fully recharged, but if that system should fail for any reason the battery could become overheated if it is left plugged in for too long. Therefore, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions.

These are only a few of the numerous reasons why an vape's battery could overheat. The most important thing to remember is that if you have a battery that is overheating and you cannot find a reason for it that makes sense, you should discard of the battery properly and purchase a new one.

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