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3 ways WTA e liquid is a lifesaver! From saving your wallet, to saving your relationship.

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We’ve been getting a few people asking us if WTA is really worth it.

Well, that’s up to you. As non-committing as that sounds, it’s the truth. Everyone is different, we are all wired differently.

Some people have addictive personality types, some don’t. Some people have a fragile mental chemical balance, some don’t.

That said, there are some ways in which we have found WTA e juices to improve our qualities of life.

1. Whole Tobacco Alkaloid (WTA) e-juices could be a better alternative to analogs. You could stop throwing away wads of cash money!

Quitting smoking is hard! It’s probably one of the hardest things you could ever do. That’s why vaping is such a big deal to us: it’s what got us to stop smoking analogs. 

Now that we aren't wasting wads of cash on stinking cigarettes, we definitely feel less guilt. However, we have to admit that we do spend a fair bit of our hard earned dollars on our vaping passion. 

There's a big difference for us though! Smoking is a total waste of money, whereas we see spending money on fine-crafted vape products as an investment. An investment into our health and our happiness.

Vaping is a pretty good substitute for analogs

While vaping isn’t quitting nicotine altogether (mad respect for all those peeps!), it’s a pretty good substitute. Even the Brit’s public health say it's 95% less harmful. Remember, that doesn't mean it's harmless.

So, at the very least, e-cigarettes are harm reduction. Just ask Dr Siegel from the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health.

A lot of people manage to stop smoking by using standard nicotine e-liquids in their e-cig devices. That’s awesome!

However, some people really struggle to commit to e-cigs alone. A lot of people find that they just can’t make the full switch from traditional analog cigarettes to vapes.

Some vapers feel like there’s something missing, there’s some itch that isn’t being scratched, with standard nicotine.

What makes WTA e-liquid different? What is whole tobacco alkaloid e liquid?

Often, people find that they can go for most of the day with just their e-cig. However, if something goes wrong, if they get anxious about something, they crack and bum a cig from their colleague/neighbour/UPS guy.

Or even worse, they resort to wasting their money on a whole pack of cigarettes. Shock. Horror.

We have experienced WTA e-liquid to recreate the soothing effects of smoking. This can be the difference that stops you from caving in and buying cigs again.

Many smokers aren’t purely seeking the buzz of the main nitrogenous compound found in tobacco – i.e. nicotine. The balance of their brain chemistry needs the harmony of the other tobacco alkaloids too, in order to satiate their craving.

How are WTA e-juices made?

Crafters of WTA e juices, like Umba Vape, want to harness the physiological effects of tobacco nicotine together with its background alkaloids. Read more here.

The extraction process used to make whole tobacco alkaloid e-liquids (WTAs) is pretty intense. It involves acid-base separation and is relatively complex and needs to be tightly controlled.

Chemists are aiming for a fuller spectrum alkaloid extract, but without the flavor of tobacco nor any other residual chemicals.

For this reason, only experienced chemists should be entrusted with this delicate task. Look for reputable companies that use GC-MS protocols or test their products. You can read about Umba’s testing and manufacturing process here.

Are WTA e-liquids worse for you?

A third-party lab tests Umba’s precision-crafted WTA e-liquids are fully. Thus, we can confirm that there are virtually no diketones (diacetyl, etc.) or tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) in our products. For this reason, the health effects are considered to be the same as standard USP nicotine.

However, the alkaloids in WTA are addictive too. If you're happy on standard USP nicotine e-liquids, stay with those.

The beauty of WTA e-liquid is that not only can we regulate the nicotine strength, but we can flavor the e liquid in the same way as standard nicotine e liquids. As we explain here, there is a lot to consider with regards to e liquid safety in general.

2. WTA e juice can prevent chain-vaping and dehydration. And save you dollars.

    In the same way as what WTA can be an alternative to smoking, it can also prevent you from chain-vaping. Ie. spending less money on e-liquid!

    If you are unable to function without vaping constantly, the solution is not one of those vape hoodies. Have you been planning on figuring out how to build the perfect hands-free e-cig device? Don’t waste your money!

    You could save a whole lot of dollars by simply trying WTAs.

    It could be that your brain chemistry is just too complex for standard nicotine.

    Thing is, when you vape all the time, you face a real risk of chronic dehydration.

    Can vaping cause dehydration? According to these guys, the propylene glycol in e-juices is what’s behind vaping and dehydration. Propylene glycol (PG) is a standard ingredient in all e-liquids, as we explain in our e-guide.

    Therefore, if the e-juices contain the same amount of PG, your apple e juice is just as dehydrating as your coffee vape!

    Propylene glycol is hygroscopic. Wikipedia says hygroscopy is “the phenomenon of attracting and holding water molecules from the surrounding environment.”

    If the propylene glycol is holding onto the water, it means that the water is unavailable to your body. Therefore, your body is absorbing less water than what it would if you weren’t vaping.

    How much extra fluids you need depends on how much e-juice you’re using.

    vaping making you thirsty?

    The symptoms of dehydration, whether it’s e cig dehydration or regular dehydration, include: dry mouth, dry eyes, headache, fatigue, constipation (in extreme cases).  

    Everyone needs different amounts of water throughout the day, but 8 glasses is the average. However, to avoid vaping dehydration, you should make a point of increasing your intake of liquids. Not e liquids!

    How much more water you need depends on how much you’re vaping. This is where you need to take a good look at if you tend to be heavy chain-vaping.

    If you find your symptoms of dehydration are not improving with increased water intake, then it’s likely that you are chain-vaping.

    This is where we suggest WTA e-liquid. The article is about how WTAs can help you, after all.

    Simply put, many people find that WTA e liquid helps them to vape way less.

    Even though WTA e liquid is a bit more expensive in the short-term, in the long-term it tends to save you a lot of cash. You simply use less than what you would with standard nicotine e juice.

    3. Whole tobacco alkaloid e juices help to kill the Grouch, so that you don’t wreck your relationships.

    Where's your face?

    We have found that non-vaping significant others prefer to see their loved one’s faces once in a while (you know, without a billowing cloud of vapor in front of them). 

    If your partner has been remarking on your constant, non-stop vaping, they could have a point. Next time, before you freak out and accuse them of not being supportive, take a breath (not a pull) and check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    It could be that your loved one has a reasonable concern. Your response could be a tell-tale sign that you’re not doing so well on standard nicotine.

    A broader range of tobacco alkaloids in your e-liquid can be an incredible relief. This is especially if you're vaping all the time and still feeling anxious, strung-out, cranky, pained and exhausted.

    However, quitting smoking has got a ton of withdrawal associated with it, regardless of if you're vaping as an alternative.

    Emotions in mayhem? It’s normal when you’re quitting smoking.

    When you feel like this emotionally...

    According to this support community, “[o]nce you start missing your cigarettes you are going to start feeling anxious, testy, and easily enraged.”

    These guys describe symptoms of quitting smoking to include stress, frustration, irritability, anxiety, anger, and rage. So, quitting smoking doesn’t bring out the best in anyone’s personality.

    This is a trying, maybe even frightening, time for you and your significant other. Sometimes it’s impossible to stay mindful of another person’s feelings when you can’t get a hold on your own mood swings and cravings.

    Some people find WTA e liquid helps ease their shattering nerves

    quitting cigs can make you lose your shit

    Vaping isn’t quitting nicotine altogether. However, when most vapers start out vaping they are switching to a considerably lower nicotine content. Withdrawal symptoms are a reality!

    There are some excellent ways to prepare for this difficult time. These include therapy, exercise, creating personal space, and reaching out to your support system.

    We don’t recommend increasing your nicotine intake unless it’s your last resort. Even when vaping a high nicotine content hard 24/7, some e-cig users just can’t seem to find peace from the monkeys on their backs.

    Sometimes it’s the very stimulating effect of nicotine on its own that aggravates the situation.

    We suggest quality over quantity. WTAs, even in a lower strength, are known to help vapers feel more at ease, without headaches or lack of sleep.

    If you’ve been struggling to stay away from smoking no matter what you try, WTAs could save you and your significant other from battered nerves and a stinky ashtray mouth.

    Whole tobacco alkaloids balance the stimulating effects of nicotine

    WTAs won’t completely eliminate those withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking. That said, some vapers find WTA e juices to be soothing. This is because the background alkaloids modify the one-dimensional stimulating effects of the main nicotine alkaloid.

    Instead of getting a straight, stimulating, hard rush from the nicotine, you’ve got the calming and relaxing effects of anatabine, anabasine, and nornicotine to create a greater balance and synergy.

    Whole tobacco alkaloids occur naturally in the tobacco plant. These alkaloids are isolated from the plant’s extraction, not artificially added later. However, keep in mind that these alkaloids are addictive too.

    Some other conditions we've heard WTA might help with

    WTAs have been found to alleviate inflammation-related conditions

    Although we haven't experienced it first hand, and we definitely are not medical doctors, we hear that some people find WTA to ease the symptoms of various inflammatory conditions. Examples of inflammatory conditions are asthma, IBS, inflammatory colitis, and arthritis.

    The decreased inflammation could have something to do with WTAs curbing over-stimulation from nicotine as a result of chain-vaping.

    The improvement could also have to do with the fact that two of the background alkaloids in WTA, anatabine and anabasine, are known anti-inflammatories. This why vapers in some of the forums mention vaping WTA to help with inflammatory conditions.

    Remember, these alkaloids are addictive, so if you're okay with standard nicotine, stick with that instead.

    Whether you’re a WTA vaper or a standard nic vaper, the main thing is to stay off cigarettes.

    Stay strong!

    (Disclaimer: Umba products are not smoking cessation products and have not been tested as such. The information we offer in our blog is anectdotal and is intended to be a way to share our experiences. It is in no way a replacement for professional health care and advice. Always seek help and advice from your doctor).

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    • Well I landed here sooo, I think I should try a WTA e-liq. I feel worse after 4 months of vaping 3mg liquids and zero analogs. I think I’m craving the synergistic combo from prescribed stims and analog MAOIs. All I know is I gotta find an answer.

      Nana on
    • It’s true, I started smoking more and it drastically helped my ulcerative colitis. But now I’m trying hard to switch to vaping. Hope wta helps!

      Homero Garza on

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