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3 Ways You Can Break In Your New Coil

Posted by David Nadel on

Every 3 to 6 weeks you will need to change the coil. When you put a different coil in, whether it be a new or rebuilt one, you will need to prime it. Priming the coil, also known as breaking it in, will make sure you will taste the e-juice and not a dry or burnt taste.

There are 3 different methods you can prime or break in your new coil:

For this method, you will put the new coil in then put your juice in your device. Once the new coil and juice are in you will let it sit for at least 10 minutes before using. Coils with tiny holes will usually take a little longer to absorb the juice. If you don’t wait the allotted time you will get a burnt taste, kind of like a stale cigarette. 

The suction method is the most common method to prime your new coil. With this method, after changing the coil, you would close the airflow found on the base of the tank. Once the airflow is closed off you would act like you are using your device without turning it on. This will force the juice into the coil, kind of like a vacuum. The problem with the suction method is if you suction to hard you will flood the coil. You will know if you flood the coil if you hear a gurgling noise or get some of the juice in your mouth.

Once you put the new coil and juice in your vaping device you will shake it. You do this by leaning it forward and shaking it as if you were using drumsticks to hit a drum. While hitting the imaginary drum you will want to make sure the airflow valve is opened on your device. While doing the drum method you will see tiny air bubbles in the tank. Those air bubbles will help force your new coil to be primed. If you over do it in the drum method, just like the suction method, you will flood the coil. If you have a 510-threaded, it isn’t recommended to prime your coil using the drum method.

There is no one right way to prime your coil. Whatever way you like to prime or break in your new coil, from the three above forms, is a good way. Have fun and vape on once your new coil is primed and ready to go.

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