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Airflow’s Importance for Vaping

Posted by David Nadel on

One of the reasons people choose to vape is the high degree of customization available to create the perfect vaping experience for themselves. Things like coil resistance, materials, and device all have a role for how the experience will go. However, the element that makes the most important difference is airflow. It is very easy to toy around with the airflow to find the perfect airflow for you. 

Airflow affects many elements of your vaping experience. From flavor intensity, to the production of the vapor itself, taking some time to experience with different settings can be a fun way to change up your vaping session until you find the perfect setting.

Why Airflow is Important
When vaping first started getting popular, the devices were standard and gave almost an identical effect, no matter how you used it. Additionally, older devices typically offered a sub-par vape session with little room for customization. As we all know, the vaping industry has evolved to become a top-notch industry and we take our products very seriously. Today’s vapers can be completely customizing, so no two vaping experiences need to be the same. We can customize down to the smallest detail.

Airflow is one element that can get overlooked as far as how great of an alteration it can have on your vaping sessions. First and foremost, we know that the level of air in your device changes the temperature and cloud size. The increase in the volume of airflow allows you to create larger clouds of vapor. A larger volume of airflow coming across the coils and then being inhaled through the drip tip will decrease the level of old vapor, allowing for fresher vapor in larger clouds to be created without using a lot of excess vape juice.

Two Styles of Vaping
There are two styles of vaping and each is affected by airflow in a different way. First, there is Direct to Lung Vaping (DTL). This is pretty much the typical way people vape, drawing the vapor directly into their lungs. The second type uses the mouth as a filter before the vapor is inhaled into lungs. This type of called Mouth to Lung Vaping (MTL). As the quality of vape increased, this type has become less and less common.

Testing Different Levels of Airflow
For Direct to Lung vapers, the focus is typically on the vapor production itself. DTL vapers can change up air flow to gain higher vapor production and fuller clouds. However, the greater the airflow the less taste will be mixed in the airflow. Using less airflow is great for anyone focused on the taste of the vape juice, so it is perfect for Mouth to Lung vapers. Constricted airflow will offer a vape that provides the full extent of the taste and flavors. There are, of course, many options in between. Toying with these options will help you find the perfect amount of airflow for your personal preferences. 

At the end of the day, one of the greatest things about vaping is the ability to switch things up to meet your exact specifications. From taste, or the vapor itself, to cloud amount, we choose vaping for the experience we get and for the ability to have variety in our vaping. 

Airflow often gets forgotten to customize that experience. We often focus on things like the VG/PG ratio of our e-liquids, the materials of the coil itself, the vape itself and the level of power. Yet, while airflow isn’t the flashiest of things to toy around with, it can hugely modify your vaping experience and can be a good topic of conversation for fellow vapers.

So, the next time you sit down for a truly great vaping experience, test out some different constraints of airflow and see how the airflow levels change the vaping. You may find that different levels are preferred for different flavors.

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