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Bringing Your Vaping Device on a Plane in 2018

Posted by David Nadel on

As a traveling vaper, it can sometimes be quite difficult to keep up with the various regulations and rules surrounding your hobby. Different airports may treat vaping uniquely, with some treating it in a similar manner to cigarette smoking and others allowing it in certain indoor spots within the airport. But when it comes to actual flying in the United States, there are some distinct regulations set out for vaping that you should always be aware of.

Here’s a brief view of vaping regulations for flying as of 2018:

TSA Regulations

The Transportation Security Administration has three distinct regulations for different aspects of vaping and vaping devices. Whether you’re carrying e-liquid alone, a full-fledged MOD or other vaping device, or just batteries, you’ll have to be cognizant of these rules. 

Full Vaping Devices

The TSA allows vaping devices on planes, but only in carry-on baggage. However, the FAA completely prohibits vaping devices from being present in checked bags, meaning that any vape found in checked baggage will be removed and discarded. So, what exactly constitutes a vaping device? The TSA defines a vaping device as any electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS), including battery-powered e-cigarettes, vape pens, full vaporizers, and atomizers, along with any other design that falls under the FDA’s ENDS category. If you don’t see your device type on this list, it’s more than likely that it still will be flagged by the TSA. This is because the TSA reserves the right to remove any device it deems suspicious or likely to be prohibited, so don’t take any chances! Keep the device safe by putting your vaping device in your carry on. 

To make things slightly more complicated, different airlines have various requirements for devices. For example, many airlines also require that the battery in your unit to be completely dry if going on one of their planes. This is due to some fire scares a few years back from improperly made vaping batteries. While inconvenient, just draining your battery prior to heading through security should make the security checkpoint a breeze. 

If you’re bringing a vaping device on the plane you should make sure the battery is completely discharged and the actual device is in your carry-on luggage. Also, check your airline’s website for any extra requirements they may have. If you don’t, you may risk the TSA rummaging through your checked luggage to remove your trusted device! 


If you’re planning on bringing a few different flavors in your carry-on bag for your trip or vacation, you’ll want to make sure you’re under the maximum liquid amount allowed by the TSA. The maximum liquid limit the TSA allows is a quart-sized bag filled with individual bottles containing no more than 100mL per bottle. If you have something with more than 100mL, it will be removed at the security checkpoint. If you’re looking to bring more than that amount, then it’s probably a better idea to store the liquids in your checked baggage. Here, you can bring as much e-juice as you’d like. 


Like full vaping devices, batteries can only be brought onto planes in your carry-on luggage. Since most vaping devices use rechargeable lithium batteries and lithium batteries are known for their tendency to catch on fire when exposed to large heat swings, storing them in cargo holds of planes is not a particularly good idea. Therefore, the TSA requires all lithium batteries to be brought in carry-on luggage only. As mentioned before, many airlines also require the battery to be fully drained before boarding. This ensures passenger safety during the flight. 

Overall, it’s safe and easy to bring your device on planes if you follow a few simple rules. Make sure that e-liquids are under 100mL if you’re bringing them into the cabin with you. Make sure all batteries are uncharged and placed in your carry on, and make sure your unit is also in your carry on. With these in mind, you should have little to no problem at the TSA checkpoint.

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