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Cloud Chasing: What it is and How it Started

Posted by David Nadel on

Everyone has heard of vaping, one of the newest trends and better alternatives to smoking, but did you know that it is a competitive sport? That's right, vaping is no longer limited to just blowing clouds with your friends. The world of competitive vaping has its own rules, fan base, and competitors. With the growing popularity of vaping, it's sport side is quickly gaining traction and attention worldwide. 

To start, what is competitive vaping? Competitive vaping, better known as, "cloud chasing", is an opportunity for someone who normally vapes independently to showcase their skill in a sport setting. The goal is to create the most impressive vapor clouds. When cloud chasing, competitors stand back to back. They then inhale the vapor, enjoying whatever cool flavor juice they chose, before exhaling. Whoever blows the biggest cloud of vapor moves on. The clouds are measured by a yard stick, or a ruler on the wall. Different cloud chasing competitions have different specifications for the type of mod you can use. There are also regulations on the type of juice and coils you can use in some settings. The competitions are continuously growing and popularity with no signs of slowing down. 

So, what about a fan base? In all honesty, the fan base is massive. With two large vaping championships being held every year, The International Cloud Championship in California and The World Series of Vape in Las Vegas. Prize money can get upwards of $100,000 for some championship events. People flock by the masses to come and see these professional cloud chasers try and top one another. With multiple smaller competitions, and the sport constantly gaining more viewers and competitors, there is no telling how large the animal that is cloud chasing could grow. 

Who are the competitors? Honestly, they're just people who enjoy vaping enough to want to be the best at it. Cloud chasers do require special skill though. You must be able to ensure that the cloud you blow will be huge, dense, and maintain its form for as long as possible. The average prize money for most competitions is anywhere between $250 and $2,500, however most competitors are really doing it to try and get a sponsorship. Major vape brands will sometimes reward sponsorship spots to the most impressive cloud chasers. These sponsorship spots can come with a complimentary new product from said company, and possibly even payment incentives. These competitors are not just vaping on a stage, but performing a task/art form that many people don't have the ability to do. 

Overall, cloud chasing isn’t going anywhere but up. With a constantly increasing number of viewers and participants, cloud chasing has the possibility to become the next big thing, if it hasn't already. Attendees who are performing at these events are equally as impressive, and seem to only be getting better. The fan base at any given competition is almost guaranteed to be larger than the last, with a few people in the crowd who have hopes of one day getting on stage to put their vape skills to the test. With all things considered, competitive vaping will not only stick around, but look to overtake other extreme sports status on the social ladder.

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