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In honor of St Paddy's we're pairing craft beer with craft e juice. And you get 2 for 1 on any 30ml

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In preparation for St. Patrick's Weekend, we've been hard at work experimenting with some interesting flavor pairings. Since it's St Paddy's, beer is a prerequisite. Yip, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Here we present to you, 4 classic varieties of craft beer paired with Umba's The Blends e liquid. Why not try them for yourself with a free 30ml with every 30ml you buy? Sitewide until Monday. 

Sure, we aren't craft beer experts, but I'd say we definitely have well-informed opinions (just based on consumption experience, you know). Besides, it's all about what tastes great, as simple as that.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

We paired craft beer with flavored WTA e juice

We tried out the flavor pairings with the Whole Tobacco Alkaloids (WTA) nicotine option of The Blends, we had some e juice in our brand-spanking-new 3mg WTA strength and our very popular 6mg WTA.

Personally, I like the WTA option when there are drinks involved and I'm around smokers. Even if you've been vaping for years, it's still possible to find a cig in your hand if things get a bit too rowdy. Just speaking from experience, I have to say, I’m ashamed to admit it. 

In addition to practicing the golden rule of "everything in moderation", choosing the WTA e liquid is another way to reduce the likelihood of that stinky situation with an analog. Well, that's my feeling, at least. Remember, everyone's different, there's no reason to switch from standard nicotine if it works for you.

Okay, okay, introduce the craft beer and e liquid flavor pairings already

We've tested, analyzed, and compared; and we have finally decided on four of The Blends flavored e liquids that work beautifully with four classic varieties of craft beer. 

4. Stout X Five AM Strong Creamy Coffee e juice

Stout goes great with our coffee vape

A stout is made from dark roasted malts, which results in a dark color and a roasted malt flavor. The stout that we tried is the classic Irish Stout.

Stout is characterized by a creamy richness, this richness of a stout often carries chocolate or even coffee notes as a result of roasted barley. Indeed, the stout in question is no exception.

The strong flavor of the beer noir (black) makes it a perfect match to a strong creamy coffee vape. In my opinion, Umba's Five AM coffee flavor adds another dimension of intense velvety richness that makes this a delicious pairing.

The cool, rich, caramel and malt flavors of the initial sip of the stout fade to a dry-bitterness. In turn, this dryness of flavor is made smooth by the creaminess of the Five AM. The vape’s coffee flavor is in perfect harmony with the dark beer. On the exhale, I get a subtly sweet lingering aftertaste that complements the next sip of stout perfectly.

All-in-all, a deliciously indulgent pairing. However, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy such a rich pairing all night long.

3. Amber Ale X Forester Roast Almond and Hazelnut e juice

Amber ale goes great with our nutty vape

I seem to have developed a penchant for ales this last while. What is an ale?

According to Wikipedia, “[a]le is a type of beer brewed using a warm fermentation method, resulting in a sweet, full-bodied and fruity taste. … ale typically has a bittering agent to balance the sweetness of the malt and act as a preservative.” These days, hops are used as the bittering agent and preservative.

An amber ale is brewed with amber and other color malts to create a distinct amber color. In terms of flavor, amber ales carry all of the characteristic fruitiness, malty-ness and sweetness of the Ale family.

Fruits and nuts are a match made in the shire, even though it was an American-style amber ale that was paired with the nutty Forester e liquid.

At first taste, the amber ale presents a very subtle citrusy quality in it’s fruitiness, there are definite caramel notes and the full-bodied malt flavor is like a solid base.

An inhale of the nuttiness of the roast almond and hazelnut e liquid, which has a smooth praline quality to it, doesn’t overshadow the fruit notes. Rather, the praline quality is quite mellow and blends well with the caramel malt notes of the amber ale.

Together, the pairing is beautifully balanced, not overly complicated and quite decadent. Feels like a good early spring lunchtime treat.

2. Weiss X Bruises Forest Berries e juice

Weiss goes great with our berry vape

Weiss, or Weisse, also known as Weizenbier or Witbier, is “wheat beer” or "white beer" made from wheat. The Weissbier we tried is a cloudy type that is inspired by the original Bavarian Weizenbier.

Weizenbier is a light-colored beer that is usually top-fermented. Top-fermented beers are fermented warm, which forms a foam on the surface of the fermenting beer (thanks Wikipedia). Weizenbier is brewed with a large proportion of wheat relative to the amount of malted barley.

Right from the first taste, the Weiss brings a distinct spicy almost-banana flavor with almost no bitterness. The beer is sparkling, light, refreshing and crispy. On the inhale of the The Blends Bruises, I got a juicy berry boost to the fruity notes of the Weiss.

On the exhale, I got a really smooth, almost, but not quite, caramel sweetness. I feel like the combination has a kind of malty vanilla note to it. With the berry flavors of the vape, it’s like toasted, crunchy berry crumble.

The Weiss paired with the Bruises creates a well-rounded taste experience that is really easy on the palate. I’m pretty sure anyone could fall in love with this light-hearted pairing.

1. IPA X Stay Gold Sweet Delicious Apple e juice

IPA goes great with our apple vape

IPA (India Pale Ale) is an especially hoppy variety of pale ale. The extra hops were originally added to keep the beer from spoiling when the Brits shipped barrels of the stuff on it’s way to the Queen’s colony in India.

All the hops mean that IPAs are bitter. According to these guys, “[h]ops comprise of two major acids providing a preservative in addition to taste bitterness.”

I guess IPAs could be considered an acquired taste – some people enjoy bitter tastes, some people tolerate it, and some people simply gag. I’m one of the lucky ones that really savor bitter flavors and their complexities. 

An IPA, or at least the American IPA I tasted, is complex – there’s a certain fragrant quality to it. It had notes that are floral, fruity and remind me of hiking through the forest. It might be American, but this IPA got me waxing lyrical about how I secretly wish to be Bilbo Baggins. It’s no secret anymore.

Enter the The Blends Stay Gold. The sweet deliciousness of this apple e juice balances the bitterness and complements the fruitiness of the IPA to flavor harmony.

Take a slow sip of the crisp, ice cold, bitter IPA and an inhale of Stay Gold. It’s a burst of fruity, ripe, juicy apple that rides easy on the freshness of the beer. On the exhale, it’s notes of caramelized sugar and the lingering apple that river dance with the hoppy-ness of the IPA.

I have to admit, I think the complexity of flavors on this one has made it my St. Paddy’s go-to. I mean, it was to be expected: just at first glance, the golden amber color of the IPA just says, “Give me golden apples”.

Join in on the e juice flavor and beer pairings with a free 30ml with every 30ml.

It’s always a blessing to savor the quality of top class craft beer. When you combine these taste experiences with impeccable quality craft e juice, it’s like life, made!

Since these St. Patrick’s Day pairings have been so much fun, we’re giving away a free bottle of 30ml e liquid when you buy a 30ml bottle. So, you can get your hands on a pair too, by doubling up on the flavor. Promo runs from the 16th to the 20th March 2017.

Join in, honor St. Paddy’s, and tell us what pairings you discover! I’d love to know if you think we got these pairings on point, or if you think our (my) taste buds are impaired.

What’s more, Umba’s added new strengths

You asked, and we’ve delivered: our TasteMaker welcomes the addition of 3mg WTA, 6mg WTA, and 24mg WTA. 3mg WTA has been added to The Blends too.

One more thing, have you checked out Umba’s awesome loyalty program yet?

Please do me a solid, checkout the orange tab at the bottom of the screen (to your left if you’re on desktop).

Umba has put together a stellar loyalty program, especially for our growing base of return customers. This way, even when we’re not running a promo, you get a bit off of the regular price.

How does it work? Well, 100 Umba Bucks (loyalty points) equals $1. We have vouchers ranging from $15 for you to redeem. You can earn points by shopping (20 Umba Bucks for every dollar spent), and by doing a few easy tasks. It’s actually kinda fun!

Please remember to enjoy your alcoholic beverages in moderation. Remember, you and your behavior represent the whole vape community. Please don’t let us down. 


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  • I am really proud of you guys putting forth such a great effort in this vaping world and myself being from Richmond, Ky (Bybee, actually) originally I feel like we are family. I do love the juices that I have tried so far. Keep up the Great work.

    Danny Cox on

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