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Referrals are awesome! And other amazing discount news… (did someone say 70% off?)

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'Sup Cats!

Did you know we’re running a 70% off discount today, the 25th of March, only? If you’ve just found us on a Google search, your timing is perfect!

To get 70% off, just use “whitecard” as the discount code when you checkout. One per customer.

However, we've got a limit to the availability of this discount. First come, first serve!

Amazing Umba promo!


Why such a huge, massive, gigantic discount?

Maybe it’s the spring that’s got us feeling so generous?

Truth is, it has a little something to do with an awesome new referral program we just started.

Awesome e-liquid referral program? Umba's brought it!

Maybe it’s not the done thing to reveal our marketing strategy, but we’re a young company. We’re hoping you guys want to help us grow and prosper, so that we can continue to craft incredible e-liquids for you to enjoy.

It goes like this, you share a referral code (that we send you via e-mail when you buy something) and with every friend of yours that uses that code, you get 20% off. And your friend gets 20% off too!

So that’s why we we’re running such a big promo, we’re hoping lot’s of people end up sharing the word about Umba through our referral program.

Okay, our store’s build doesn’t allow you to use 2 codes at once, and it’s a bummer. However, it’s always great to have a few discount codes in your back pocket for a rainy day, or to use with a gift card, or on a site-wide promo.

We know budgets are sometimes tight, and we’ve had a few queries as to why our products or a bit pricey. Especially with regards to our WTA.

Why is Umba WTA more expensive? Because it's amazing!

We’ve been getting a few people asking us if our WTA is really worth it. There are so many great reasons why it is, that we’ve decided to do a full blog article on them (coming soon!).

Yes, it is more expensive than the standard nicotine option. This is because the extraction process for WTA (using acid-base separation) is more complex and time-consuming than that of standard nicotine.

Every Umba product is manufactured to the highest standard in a pristine laboratory by a qualified, and very talented chemist. 

In other words, some smelly, sweaty dude does not make Umba products in a filthy kitchen/basement/garage. That goes for our standard nicotine options too.

Furthermore, all of Umba’s products are fully tested and are certified to contain virtually no diketones (diacetyl, etc.) or tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNAs). You can read more here.

All this effort means a truly premium e-liquid, it also means it’s not your run-of-the-mill cheap budget vape.

When you’re vaping a truly premium product, you know that the health effects are taken seriously. That’s why we get everything tested by a third-party lab.

Didn’t you switch from cigs because you’re concerned about your health?

If that’s not enough, just remember that one of the best things about WTA is the fact that most people tend to vape less with this option. No more chain-vaping.

We’re hoping you’re gonna take advantage of this great discount and share the Umba!

Have a great weekend either way!


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