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The Difference Between Vaping and Smoking

Posted by David Nadel on

There has been plenty debate on whether or not "vaping" is safer than "smoking" in terms of health. Vaping is taking off at this time with many people choosing the alternative over smoking. There are in fact a number of differences between smoking a cigarette and vaping. The choice is up to the person whether or not they want to consider vaping over smoking. The health benefits of vaping over smoking is known and would be seen as a safer way than smoking cigarettes. In order to understand the benefits a person would first need to know what vaping is as opposed to smoking.

What Is Vaping 

Vaping has been considered as smoking but this is not true as vaping is not at all the same as smoking. Vapiing will allow current smokers to be able to enjoy nicotine without the large risk that comes from smoking. Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin is used in the liquids when vaping as it is also mixed with small amounts of nicotine. The added chemicals will be from the flavor of the liquid in order to give off a taste. The vaporizer is powered by an atomizer that creates the vapor that is inhaled and exhaled. It may seem as if the person is smoking but when vaping the person is simply inhaling and exhaling vapor instead of smoke. 

Smoking Vs Vaping

Smoking is known to have an odor or a stench when exhaled while cigarette smoking while vapor leaves no smell or stench. Vaping will allow a person to get a nicotine taste without having to leave behind a stench or odor while inhaling. Cigarettes leave behind a smoke cloud from the burning tobacco while vaping does not leave behind a burning cloud. Along with smoking the tobacco will have a mixture of chemicals unlike what is found when vaping. The materials founded in cigarettes cause:

-Kidney Damage
-Liver Damage
-Human carcinogen
-Bladder cancer
-Raises blood pressure
-Damages lining of nose and lungs
-Upper respiratory irritation
-Kills immune functions
-Brain damage
-Skin irritation
-Eye irritation
-Damages heart function
-Damages muscle function
-And many more issues

The chemicals found in vaping juices are located below:

-Propylene Glycol
-Vegetable Glycerol
-Flavoring from different types of juices

The list above shows the ingredients in e juices that are used in vaping which are safer than what are found in cigarettes.

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