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THE FLAVOR SELECTIONS from Umba Vape are meant to be savored like a fresh pastry from a local bakery or that first sip of an expensive wine. Made with truly exceptional flavoring ingredients and carefully sourced nicotine, these juices are outstanding in both flavor and quality. 

Best Day

Paradise: Paradise vape juice is an exotic and succulent nectar that delivers nothing but clean pineapple flavor. The silkiness of this e-liquid allows it to slowly drip down the palate as the variety of exquisite flavor notes soak every taste bud along the way. On the inhale, Paradise e-juice wakes up the palate with tangy pineapple flavor. When you exhale, the sweetness of delicious pineapple takes over.

Five AM: Five AM vape juice is a luxurious coffee flavor that's incredibly authentic-tasting. Every puff is like taking that first glorious sip of creamy, earthy and nutty coffee in the morning. With each inhale of Five AM e-juice, the earthy and nutty notes of fresh, rich coffee drift across the mouth. With every exhale, a hint of sweetness lands on the tongue before a bath of creamy milk saturates your palate. 

Cartoons: Cartoons vape juice is a wonderful combination of fresh chocolate chip cookies and smooth, creamy milk. Every hit comforts your soul and satisfies your cookie cravings immensely. On the inhale, Cartoons e-juice provides the palate with the distinctive taste of homemade chocolate chip cookies. With each exhale, the tongue is treated to a bath of beautifully smooth and rich milk.

Budapest: Budapest vape juice combines all the delicious flavors that we associate with the summer season. Each puff tastes just like a scoop of glorious vanilla ice cream that's smothered in sweet, juicy peach slices. When you inhale Budapest e-juice, the aroma of vanilla fills your senses as the sweet and tangy peach taste tantalizes your palate. On the exhale, the sweetness of the peach and the creaminess of the ice cream make you drool.


Tropics: Tropics vape juice is a refreshing blend of juicy mangoes and tart passion fruit. Every puff satisfies your thirst and exhilarates you all over. When you inhale Tropics e-juice, the tartness of the passion fruit makes your mouth water. With every exhale, sticky mango juice trickles down your tongue, refreshing you like crazy.

Late Night: Late Night vape juice is a stunning mint-infused cherry liquor that hits the spot time and time again. Every puff soaks the tongue in glorious cherry flavor that has an exciting minty finish. As you inhale Late Night e-juice, smooth cherry liquor flavor drips down the tongue with its fruity sweetness. With each exhale, icy mint balances out the sweetness of the flavor perfectly.

Stay Gold: Stay Gold vape juice is a clean-tasting apple flavor that's naturally sweet. The juiciness and crispness of the apple will refresh you as that satisfying sweetness tantalizes the sweet tooth. On the inhale, Stay Gold e-juice unleashes its crisp notes onto the tongue. On the exhale, the sweetness and juiciness of the apple satisfies you like nothing else.

Forester: Forester is a satisfyingly savory blend of hazelnuts and almonds. The richness of the nuts intensifies as the vapor lingers on the palate, satisfying you like a handful of the real thing. As you inhale Forester e-juice, the savory almond taste makes you salivate. With each exhale, smooth hazelnut flavor adds depth to the overall taste.


Palms: Palms vape juice is a creamy and exotic coconut flavor. Every pull soaks your tongue in glorious coconut milk that has just a hint of tang. When you inhale Palms e-juice, the silky coconut milk slithers down your tongue with its gentle tangy notes. On the exhale, the sweetness and creaminess intensify.

Bruises: Bruises vape juice is a delectable blend of tart and sweet berries that are as juicy as can be. These berry flavors are guaranteed to quench your thirst as soon as you inhale. With every inhale, Bruises e-juice intrigues your taste buds with tart berry flavor. On the exhale, the sugary sweetness of these luscious berries comes through.

Suede: Peanut Butter lovers will fall madly in love with Suede vape juice. By combining rich, creamy peanut butter with velvety cream, Umba has delivered a dessert flavor that's both sweet and savory. When you inhale Suede e-juice, the savory and rich taste of peanut butter is instantly apparent. On the exhale, the sweetness intensifies as that luxurious cream washes over the tongue.

Sticky: Sticky vape juice is a decadent blend of smooth vanilla and rich caramel. Every hit is like a mouthful of an expensive dessert. When you inhale Sticky e-juice, the creamy and warm vanilla flavor satisfies your dessert cravings right away. Every exhale sends a stream of gooey caramel across the taste buds.

Unique and Incredible Vape Flavors

The e-liquid flavors from Umba Vape are unique and full of incredible flavor. You're never going to accept a mediocre vape again after experiencing these exquisite collections of flavors from THE FLAVOR SELECTIONS

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