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The WTA Difference Is Umba Vape!

Posted by David Nadel on

Whole Tobacco Alkaloids (WTA) are changing the world of vaping as we know it. Up until recently, vape juices that contained nicotine didn't provide vape enthusiasts with the solid throat hit and nicotine buzz that analog cigarettes provide. For this reason, many vape enthusiasts were left slightly unsatisfied. Now, thanks to WTA, vapers can enjoy delicious flavor as well as a powerful nicotine hit that feels just like taking a pull from a real cigarette.

Umba Vape creates their e-liquids with WTA. It's only recently been discovered that the satisfaction that comes from hitting nicotine involves various alkaloids that naturally exist within the tobacco plant. Umba Vape has extracted these alkaloids in order to provide you with the sensation of smoking a cigarette without the tar and other dangerous chemicals that the tobacco industry uses to create cigarettes.

While nicotine does provide vapers with a stimulating sensation and a decent amount of satisfaction, it's other alkaloids such as nornicotine, anatabine and anabasine that round out the buzz that cigarettes provide. When these alkaloids are extracted from tobacco plants and added to vape juice, they give the throat a powerful hit and a solid dose of stimulation that satisfies the most intense nicotine cravings. The result is a deeply pleasurable vaping experience that won't leave you wishing that you could reach for an analog cigarette ever again.

By using WTA in their products, Umba Vape has created a series of vape juices that can get tobacco addicts to ditch their cigarettes like never before. Like nicotine, the other alkaloids used are completely tasteless. Therefore, they won't interfere with the tantalizing flavors that Umba Vape has concocted.

Umba Vape has thoroughly researched and tested these alkaloids for safety and quality. These alkaloids do not contain the cancer-causing chemicals that exist in cigarette tobacco. This means that Umba Vape can provide nicotine lovers with a much safer alternative to traditional tobacco products. Former cigarette smokers will be able to indulge in the delicious flavors that Umba Vape has to offer and still get that satisfying nicotine fix without feeling the side effects for which analog cigarettes are known.

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