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Top 3 Memorial Day E-Juices From Umba Vape

Posted by David Nadel on

If you're enchanted by the tasty vape juices from Umba Vape, it's time to stock up on summery flavors that help you celebrate Memorial Day in style. These three e-liquids are guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit with the flavors of the glorious summer season. 

Memorial Day E-Juice #3: Paradise

An exotic tropical flavor that will make you feel like you're spending your holiday on a luxurious island beach. This flavor bathes your taste buds in nothing but exquisitely satisfying pineapple juice that has that sweet and tangy taste that you know and love. This flavor is guaranteed to zap your thirst when you're sitting in the sun. Every inhale captivates your palate with the tangy, sharp taste of freshly cut, perfectly ripe pineapple. The juiciness of the pineapple becomes apparent as the entire mouth becomes saturated with that luscious flavor. With every exhale, the natural sweetness of this tropical delight makes your sweet tooth smile. 

Memorial Day E-Juice #2: Bruises

If the warm months make you crave juicy berries that ripen under the summer sun, this is the flavor that you need. A plethora of fresh forest berries dazzle your palate with mouth-watering tartness and sweetness. If your holiday plans involve spending hours in the heat, this e-liquid will provide you with a deeply refreshing experience whenever you hit your device. As you inhale, you'll enjoy a burst of invigorating tartness from a variety of fresh, ripe berries. Notes of tang flow down the palate, satisfying your thirst like few flavors can. With every exhale, the wonderful sweetness of the berries takes over, leaving you seriously refreshed. 

Memorial Day E-Juice #1: Budapest

The perfect dessert after a heavy Memorial Day barbecue. The blend of rich vanilla ice cream and juicy peach slices provides you with the tastes of the season while satisfying your sweet tooth tremendously. When you inhale, the glorious tang of fresh peaches makes your mouth water right away. The tangy notes of the peaches are complemented by a swirl of warm, smooth vanilla bean flavor. The peach flavor becomes sweeter before the creaminess of the ice cream takes over on the exhale. 

If you want to enjoy the yummy flavors of summer during your holiday weekend, these e-juices from Umba Vape are all that you need.

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