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Top 3 Summertime E-Juices from Umba Vape

Posted by David Nadel on

Summer is here at last! Now that the warm weather is upon us, it's time to pick up some vape juice flavors that capture the tastes of the season. At Umba Vape, you'll find some extraordinary e-liquids that provide the summery flavors that we crave. 

Summertime E-Juice #3: Paradise

We got two tickets to this tropical refresher that consists of nothing but bold, juicy pineapples. With every hit, that incredibly authentic pineapple taste will run down your tongue, cooling you down and quenching your thirst. You'll swear that you're drinking freshly squeezed pineapple juice on an exotic beach that's far away from home. With each inhale, the bright tang of ripe, juicy pineapples instantly makes you drool with excitement. The smooth pineapple juice flows down your tongue and drips down your throat, eliminating your thirst completely. The exhale is pleasantly sweet. 

Summertime E-Juice #2: Bruises

The perfect treat for anyone who adores the berries that ripen during the summer season. Juicy berries that are fresh from the forest are turned into a stunning crumble dessert that satisfies in every way. Each inhale thrills the palate with tart, bright berry flavors. Then, warm cinnamon and butter emerge on the tip of the tongue. On the exhale, the berries become sweet as the buttery, nutty crumble adds complexity. 

Summertime E-Juice #1: Budapest

A seasonal flavor that consists of rich vanilla ice cream, juicy peach slices and fresh mint leaves. This e-liquid is deeply luxurious. Plus, that peach flavor is amazingly refreshing, making this vape juice perfect for those hot summer days. With each hit, you'll feel like you're lounging in a peach orchard on a scorching afternoon. The inhale splashes tangy peach juice all over your palate. As the sweetness of the peach flavor slowly comes through, smooth vanilla ice cream flows across the taste buds with its silky richness. On the exhale, a hint of fresh mint invigorates you while the creaminess of the flavor leaves your tongue totally drenched. You'll want to make this flavor your all-day vape for the warm summer months. 

Beat the Vaping Heat

These e-liquid flavors from Umba Vape will help you beat the heat while providing you with the fresh, seasonal tastes of the summer season.

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