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Top 3 Sweetly Complex E-Liquids From Umba Vape

Posted by David Nadel on

If you find yourself drooling over the tantalizingly complex e-juice flavors from Umba Vape, this list is for you. Below, you'll find three mouth-watering treats from the brand that delivers some of the very best e-liquids on the market. Each of these flavors is unbelievably tasty with notes of sublime sweetness. 

Forester (The Blends)

A sweet and salty praline treat that consists of buttery hazelnuts and rich almonds. You'll be blown away by how complex this flavor is. The praline delivers a mouth-watering blend of butter and brown sugar that leaves your taste buds feeling ecstatic. The nuts will hit the spot at all hours of the day. When you inhale, the buttery taste of the praline teases your palate with its richness. Then, the flavor of toasted nuts intoxicates your senses. A rush of brown sugar sweeps across the tongue before the natural sweetness of the nuts comes through on the exhale. 

Stay Gold (The Blends)

A juicy, crisp apple that's coated in a layer of toffee fudge. This e-liquid is outrageously tasty, satisfying your fruit cravings while coating your sweet tooth in sugary splendor. The richness of this vape juice flavor will linger on your taste buds long after every exhale. When you inhale, you'll notice that spritz of crispness from the ripe apple flavor. Then, the apple taste becomes sweet. Meanwhile, the toffee fudge drapes the tongue with its buttery and sweet taste. A satisfying hint of salt finishes off this exceptional flavor experience. 

Cartoons (The Blends)

The flavor of childhood. Freshly baked, homemade chocolate chip cookies are dunked into cold, silky milk. The result is a comforting treat that you'll never want to put down. Each puff transports you back to grandma's kitchen. With every inhale, the chocolate flavor tantalizes you right away. The sweet brown sugar and rich butter swirl around your senses as the silky milk rushes across the tongue. When you exhale, the milk's delightful creaminess drenches your palate. 

Grab These Vape Juices Today!

If sweet, complex flavors are what you're after, grab these flavors from Umba Vape and you won't be sorry.

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