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Top 3 Tropical E-Liquid Flavors from Umba Vape

Posted by David Nadel on

It's hard to not fall in love with the tropical-inspired e-juice flavors from Umba Vape. We use fruit extracts and authentic-tasting flavoring agents to provide us with thirst-quenching fruity flavors that tastes like the islands.

Below, you'll find our top 3 favorite tropical flavors:

Tropical E-Liquid Flavors #3: Tropics (The Blends)

Zaps your thirst on impact thanks to a blend of bright passion fruit and juicy sun-ripened mangoes. Between the tartness of the passion fruit and the tangy, sweet taste of the fresh mangoes, your taste buds will be in a blissful state as the vapor flows over the palate. Each inhale makes your tongue quiver with excitement thanks to a sharp blast of tart passion fruit flavor. The passion fruit makes your mouth pucker with delight as the tropical tang of luscious mango juice begins to flood the mouth. With every exhale, the sweetness of the mango comes through.

Tropical E-Liquid Flavor #2: Palms (The Blends)

A strikingly satisfying flavor that's inspired by everyone's favorite tropical cocktail. The smooth blend of juicy pineapples and creamy, sweet coconut cream washes over the palate, soaking every taste bud in glorious tropical nectar. When you inhale, you'll enjoy that zesty tang for which pineapple is known. As the flavor tickles your tongue, its sweetness slowly dominates. When you exhale, a silky stream of sweet coconut cream runs along the palate.

Tropical E-Liquid Flavor #1: Paradise (The Blends)

An outrageously flavorful tribute to luscious, juicy pineapples. Every hit is like throwing back a big glass of fresh pineapple juice that's sweet, tangy and deeply refreshing. With each inhale, your tongue will be blown away by tangy notes that tease your taste buds. The juiciness soaks your tongue as the flavor becomes sweeter. As you exhale, you'll find yourself feeling outrageously refreshed. If you're a pineapple fanatic, this vape juice is destined to become your next all-day vape.

Grab These Tropical Vape Flavors Today!

Tropical fruit fiends will adore these glorious vape juices, as they captivate the imagination and satisfy the thirst like crazy thanks to a blend of high-quality ingredients that taste like your favorite flavors from the islands.

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