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Umba Vape Product Spotlight: THE BLENDS - LATE NIGHT

Posted by David Nadel on

Umba Vape's Late Night vape juice is a deeply satisfying and complex flavor for vape enthusiasts with refined palates. Juicy, seductive cherries are blended with cool spearmint and icy menthol. This flavor combination will remind you of an expensive liquor that's full of tantalizing tastes.

Late Night e-juice is a smooth and delightful flavor for those late nights when you want to treat yourself to something that's luxurious. The tart and sweet taste of freshly picked cherries balances out the coolness of the spearmint and menthol flavors, providing you with a balanced taste that you'll want to enjoy well into the late hours. 

Every inhale teases you with a burst of tart cherry flavor. As your mouth begins to water, a hint of spearmint cools down your palate. The cherry flavor becomes sweeter and sweeter as the vapor sinks into the tongue. As you exhale, a gentle menthol breeze drifts across the taste buds, leaving you feeling both satisfied and refreshed. 

It boasts a base of 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG). This base ensures that you'll be able to exhale big, puffy clouds. This base also gives you a satisfying hit to the throat. 

You can choose between USP and WTA nicotine. USP nicotine is the most popular form of nicotine used by many vape juices brands. WTA nicotine is made from whole tobacco alkaloids, providing a more stimulating sensation when inhaled.

Umba Vape's Late Night e-liquid is one of those unforgettable flavors that tastes expensive. Each hit is an experience that you're going to savor.

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