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2016 has drawn to close and 2017 dawns on the horizon. The new year brings new hope, from resolutions to new beginnings. Wondering what could be new to Umba, since we're such a young e-liquid face in the vape industry? Just because we're feeling generous, it's an amazing...

30% off any order when you use 'UMBALAUNCH' as a redemption code at checkout.

This 30% discount is valid for an unlimited number of uses, but the offer is only going to be available for a limited time. 

Yes, this is in addition to the 15% off you get when you join us on social media via the pop-up. 

Hopefully this is a consolation since our very low launch prices have come to an end. Unfortunately you do have to use these codes on two separate orders.

To tell you the truth, this offer is about more than just generosity: we're bringing you this considerable discount with the aim to help you keep your new year resolutions:

  • Your (same old?) new year's resolution to finally quit cigarettes by switching from analogue to e-cigarettes for good. 
  • Your new year's resolution to finally stop chain-vaping that other too sweet, too simple e-liquid you were bored of in the first week. 

So you probably don't need any reminding that Umba's subtly complex flavors are perfected so that they stay interesting and are refined so that they are never overbearing. However, if you're finding it incredibly difficult to concentrate on pretty much anything without reaching for your device every few minutes. Or perhaps you need to sneak that occasional analogue. Or maybe you've chewed a hole through your mouthpiece a couple of times and are starting to wonder if the anxiety is worth it. If you're experiencing these chain-gaping tendencies, it might be time to try WTA. From our customers who have tried and tested our whole tobacco alkaloid e-liquids we're always hearing comments like, "I'm not misting up my mac's screen anymore" and "With WTA I'm not agitated and impatient with everyone all the time" and

"I'm just so much more chilled".

Contrary to some opinions, WTA, be it flavored or Pure, is not just tobacco e-liquid. WTA doesn't taste like cigarettes and definitely won't give you ashtray mouth - rest assured, we would never let such an abomination to vaping slip into our product range! WTA is simply the broader spectrum of nicotine alkaloids, extracted from the tobacco plant with fine precision. That's it, nothing else. Read more about our nicotine and WTA e-liquids and how they are made here and over here.

Unfortunately, that's not the only thing that's new. The FDA has a new bag of rules and regulations.

So, by now you know these rules that came into effect on the 8th August 2016. Accordingly, we need to

    • Check photo ID of everyone under age 27 who attempts to purchase any tobacco product.
    • Only sell tobacco products to customers age 18 or older.
       (from the FDA website)

Since we take into consideration the individual state laws too, we maintain the 21 age limit on our site. Both California and Hawaii legal age to purchase cape products is 21.

What's new is that we need to verify that you are the legal age to purchase e-liquid via an automatic third-party system. According to Mr McDonald over at Vaping 360:

"Only a service that checks the customer against databases of recognized public records can be reliable ... . So when a customer enters their address and personal information in the vendor’s site, the age verification service compares what is entered with known information about adults at that address."

This means that we will no longer depend on a manual system. Albeit that this automated app costs us more, it is a lot more convenient for you and we're going to work to make sure that you don't feel the cost in our prices.

In addition to the FDA rules on age verification, we also have to abide by Texas law SB 97 whereby the requirements for the delivery of sales include:

  • Signing to accept the delivery of cape products. Either the purchaser or another adult (18 years +) who resides at the purchaser's address must sign.
  • The person signing to accept the delivery provide proof "in the form of a government-issued identification bearing a photograph" that they are at least 18 years old and that they reside at the purchaser's address.

While all the new rules and regulations are difficult to keep up with, we're happy to do our due diligence and keep kids nicotine-free. We strive to be responsible in all our transactions if it means that vaping gains respect and is preserved as an industry. 


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