Selection: The Blends - Maverick
standard USP nicotine or WTA

Selection: The Blends - Maverick

A collection of four 10ml bottles of e-liquid, in either USP nicotine or WTA in all the strengths.

From the Tropics to the Forest, this taste adventure is selected for the Maverick, the original free spirit that knows Late Nights and always Stays Gold. The thrill of this set is in its variety of distinctive flavors. Makes a perfect gift... go on, spoil yo' self.

Tropics - Bursting Mango Passion
Late Night - Minty Cherry Liqueur
Stay Gold - Sweet Delicious Apple
Forester - Roast Almond & Hazelnut

Ingredients: base (70% vegetable glycerin, 30% propylene glycol), natural and synthetic flavors, indicated amount of USP or WTA nicotine.  

Packaged in PET plastic bottles with child-safe lids.




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