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Welcome to our online store. 

Umba is young, but the team behind it consists of experts in the industry. We created Umba out of the goal to help people get off cigarettes. For us, having tried a vast array of e-liquids, it was only once WTAs entered the picture that the full switch to vaping became a reality. WTAs are different, learn more about why and how here.

Everything is manufactured in Lexington, KY, under strict cGMP compliant protocols. Read more about the process here. Or checkout our FAQs for more info. Our aim is to make the best possible vape for ourselves and to share with the world. Moreover, we've worked to precision craft our e-liquids so that they won't clog atomisers, thus giving a fuller and more consistent vaping experience. 

We've just launched our online store and have a whole bunch of plans for exciting promos, products and competitions. Keep up-to-date with what's up via social media, or drop us an e-mail at if you've got something on your mind.

The Umba Team

Umba works hard to bring you interesting, well-researched articles

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