We want to give you all the info you're looking for, so here are some answers to frequently asked questions, but don't hesitate to e-mail us should you be wondering about anything. 


Q: Is vaping better than traditional cigarettes? 

A: The FDA prohibits vape companies from using terms like "healthier" or "safer". Vaping is an alternative to traditional cigarettes, but it is as yet unknown if vaping is completely safe or not. So, if you aren't already a smoker, it's better to give the whole vaping thing a skip. Want more info? Boston University are doing amazing research into vaping and its health effects in an ongoing project called Behind the Vapor.


Q: Are all e-liquids equally safe?

A: 'Fraid not. You see, some e-liquids use cheaper ingredients, like fully synthetic flavors and 100% propylene glycol carriers.  At Umba, however, we are totally committed to crafting the  highest quality e-liquids possible. If we wouldn't vape it, we wouldn't expect our customers to. Find out more about the technicals here.


Q: Are WTAs safe? Actually, what exactly are they?

A: WTAs, or Whole Tobacco Alkaloids, consist of the Tobacco plant's primary alkaloid, nicotine, as well as it's background alkaloids, in order to provide a more complete vaping experience. Get more info here. While there are no studies on the link between cancer and WTAs, WTAs are expected to carry a similar health risk to other vapor products.


Q: Do WTAs clog coils?

A: Our WTA e-liquid, as with all of our flavored e-liquids, has been tested and designed to prevent gunk buildup on atomizer coils while vaporizing evenly and cleanly. This is one of the main advantages of WTA over similar products, such as naturally extracted (NET) liquid.


Q: Should you go with lower nicotine with WTA?

A: Yes. For WTAs, we recommend changing the concentration to half of what you would normally vape. Customers making the transition from smoking to vaping sometimes attempt to replicate cigarettes with high nicotine content. Customers who do this find the product dissatisfying, and often raise the nicotine content even more, failing to resolve the issue. With WTAs, cigarette cravings tend to be satisfied at a much lower concentration.


Q: Does WTA change the flavor of the e-liquid?

A: Yes, WTAs do subtly affect the taste of our e-liquid. This is more noticeable at concentrations higher than 6 mg and not as noticeable at lower concentrations. For some varieties of our e-liquid, WTAs begin to drown out the flavor at 9 mg. The taste is tobacco-like.


Q: Why are some Umba e juices very dark?

A: Don't fret, e-liquids only expire after approximately 2 years. The color of the e juice comes from the flavor base. Often dessert flavors tend to be more resinous and, thus, tend to be darker in color. The resin consists of ingredients in the flavoring that aren’t completely vaporised. The delicious thick flavors of dessert vapes tend to leave more resin on your coil, decreasing the atomizer/coil lifespan. Typically, the darker the juice, the faster this process will occur. Try refreshing your vape with a light, tangy, fruity e liquid, such as pineapple, it may help to extend your atomizer/coil's lifespan.


Q: Do you guarantee that your process for WTA is precise and accurate? 

A: Yes. We can guarantee that our WTA e-liquid is precise and accurate because it is produced via cGMP based protocols. Refractometry has been used to verify accurate alkaloid concentration for every batch. 

It is our goal, as a company, to make the best quality e-liquid products possible and we stand by this commitment wholeheartedly.

Checkout our General Certificates of Compliance (GCC) here and here.

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