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Small batch, premium quality and fine-crafted in the heart of America's Tobacco Country in Lexington, Kentucky.
Umba Vape brings you a whole tobacco alkaloid e-liquid that takes vaping to a whole new level of sophistication.

Whole tobacco alkaloids (WTAs) are literally the missing link between traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes.
By including more of what the tobacco plant naturally contains, WTAs offer a fuller and more satisfying vaping experience.
Learn more about how WTAs are different here.

Of course, life is way more interesting with a bit of flavor. Which is why we've carefully crafted The Blends, a select range of our favorite and most delectable flavors. The Blends can be enjoyed on their own or with any of our signature TasteMaker e-liquids.

No matter whether you choose a fruity vape, a dessert vape or no-nonsense tobacco vape, you can be certain that you're experiencing the best possible e-liquid and that won't clog your atomiser.
Umba is precision crafted, learn more about how Umba is made here. 

Fully tested free of Di-Ks and TSNAs

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