Precision-crafting Umba

In general, our e-liquids are produced to the highest possible standards.
  • Umba products are manufactured in a facility that features a 200 square foot clean-room with 600 CFM 0.3 micron filtered airflow.
  • All active ingredients are stored in a clean room where bottles are filled using food or laboratory-grade equipment.
  • Every batch is produced under controlled conditions and issued a batch number.
  • Quality control is conducted on each batch using refractometry to ensure consistent and accurate nicotine concentration.
  • Checkout our General Certificates of Compliance (GCC) here and here.

With regards to WTA, we take great care to ensure a consistently great product. 

  • Our whole tobacco alkaloids are made in a laboratory that follows ISO:9001 principles. 
  • Our WTAs are treated to remove nitrosamines, and also come with certificates of analysis which verify ~95% nicotine and ~5% anatabine, anabasine, nornicotine, myosmine, and/or cotinine. Check out the COA.
  • Our nicotine and WTAs are analyzed by an independent laboratory using GC-MS.
  • The process for Umba WTA is guaranteed to be accurate because it is produced via cGMP based protocols.
  • Umba's WTAs are tested using an accredited and independent lab for the presence of carcinogenic tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNAs).  We ensure that virtually no TSNAs are present before sending them out to customers.
  • TSNAs are the only known carcinogens that may be present in WTA e-liquid. While there are no studies on the link between cancer and WTAs, WTAs are expected to carry a similar health risk to other vapor products.
  • GC-MS analysis has been performed to eliminate the risks from TSNAs, and residual solvent from the extraction process.
  • Refractometry has been used to verify accurate alkaloid concentration for every batch.
You will never, ever find Di-Ks or any of those nasties in our e-liquid.
    • Di-ketones are a class of chemical commonly used for a buttery/creamy taste and have been shown to cause respiratory illness in industrial settings, such as popcorn factories where exposure levels are high due to artificial butter flavoring. This includes acetyl propionyl, di-acetyl, and the di-ketone precursor acetoin.
    • While the levels present in many vapor products are lower than those which have caused illness in the past, everyone is different and some people may develop disease even with low exposure and therefore we have all of our e-liquid tested to be free of these compounds.
    • Here's the COA.

      We at Umba are perfectionistic about the quality of our products. We wouldn't be doing this if we weren't fully committed to providing only the best possible products to our customers. If you have any queries or feedback for us, please give us a shout at 

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