Here's what vapers have to say about Umba's premium standard USP and WTA e-liquids.
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Mellow, subtle, and tasty....a very good all-day vape!

grate taste

Blend is grate and very smooth smoke

Smooth flavors

Excellent taste, my favorite is vanilla and peanut butter also five am


I had some trouble properly wicking it so it didnt taste burnt, but afterwards it was actually pretty decent. One of my go to flavors now.

Keep it going!

On a market that has very few WTA offerings, this shines as one of my favorites. Please don't stop.
I would also like to see some 100% VG unflavored base if possible, even if I know that's not everyone's cup of tea.

one of my fave flavors

Great product - I've been back to reorder Umba 3 times now and love the flavors. My number 1 favorite it Forester, Suede and Cartoons (Warm Cookies and Milk) are my next favorite.

Great Vape!

UmbaVape's WTA is amazing. I used it to stop smoking analog cigs, and haven't looked back. It satisfies like normal vape doesn't, and it tastes great. If you are looking for a WTA, get it. UmbaVape is the best when it comes to the quality of their vapes. You will not be disappointed.


This juice is all it promises to be and more! I started using it the moment I got it and have not put it down. Very easy all day vape because of the smooth way the fruits blend together. I’ve had other fruity blends get kind of acidic or too sweet tasting after a bit and need to be switched out, but with The Blends- Bruises that just doesn’t happen. I feel comfortable telling you to spend your hard earned cash on this juice. It’s that good!

Great Menthol "Mixer"

I mix (approximately) 50:50...TM Chill (WTA-24mg.) with various Umba The Blends (WTA-12mg.)...and end up with a QUITE flavorful and, due to the WTA, pleasurable experience.


That's all I can say. Thanks


First time trying the WTA liquid. I was having cravings bad with just regular liquid. I must say from the first draw I knew this was it. This stuff is a must for anyone struggling. After I vape this I was able to drop all cigarettes easily. The flavor is not like normal liquid. It feels to me like a little more tobacco taste to it. I thought the flavor was fine. Kind of a dark flavor if that makes since. Highly recommend it.

Awesome! My newest favorite flavor!

So normally I don't like fruity flavors, but this one just got to me. The perfect blend of pineapple and coconut. I don't often get the coconut flavor in other ejuices but this on has it, and it blends perfectly! Great job, my new ADV!

Love this stuff!

I previously only tried a small sample of the Suede (3mg nic) but now that I have been through an entire 120ml bottle, I am hooked. I love this juice because of its super rich and creamy, but not too sweet flavor! It hits so nice and is very satisfying!

Great taste

Great taste

Great Product! Ships fast and

Great Product! Ships fast and great flavors.

The Blends: Bruises

Love love love your juices.....I've been vaping for 5 years and your juice is the best! I received it quickly and in great condition.
I'm a customer for life. Thank you also for the fantastic affordable prices.


I would have to put this in my top 5 coffee flavored ejuices list. Not number 1 but still a contender.

Excellent price excellent taste

Have nice vape


Smooth flavor, very enjoyable. Title says it all!

Fave Flavor

I almost never buy a 120ml of any juice but I went out on a limb and bought this from the description alone and im glad I did. It's amazing and didn't have a favorite flavor until this one. I love it!

Wonderful taste

The WTA option for this flavor is what I needed to stop smoking. I love the peachy flavor!


I was pleasantly surprised that e juice priced so affordably could be of such high quality. I'm a customer for life. The Blends Sticky and Cartoon were both beyond my expectations.

Great Pastry Style Vape

This is a great pastry style vape, I mix this one with the coffee (5AM) flavor to get a nice "breakfast balance" style of vape mix. Easily vape-able for long periods of time and has a great, full flavor.

Good flavor, great juice!

I was trying to find a different variation of a coffee flavor juice which has always been my favorite, and this did not disappoint! My usual coffee flavor is very sweet, creamy. This one emodies a whole different charactor yet stays true to form. The description of this flavor was spot on! I will definitely be buying again from this company.

Tastemaker Chill WTA

I will definitely be getting this again, I have never tried WTA before and it is far more satisfying than nicotine-only liquids, I halved the number of cigarettes smoked per day within days of starting with this, with nicotine-only liquids I never managed to cut down at all.

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