Selection: The Blends - Best Day
standard USP nicotine or WTA

Selection: The Blends - Best Day

A collection of four 10ml bottles of e-liquid, in either USP nicotine or WTA in all the strengths.

The selection of flavors hand-picked to get you through a long day and inspire you to make it your Best Day! This happy selection features the pre-requisite pick-me-up of strong coffee, the uplifting sunniness fruity peach and tangy pineapple flavors and the comfort of milk and cookies. Makes a perfect gift... go on, spoil yo' self.

Paradise - Queen Pineapple
Five AM - Strong Creamy Coffee
Cartoons - Fresh Milk Warm Cookies
Budapest - Summer Peach Sundae

Ingredients: base (70% vegetable glycerin, 30% propylene glycol), natural and synthetic flavors, indicated amount of USP or WTA nicotine.  

Packaged in PET plastic bottles with child-safe lids.




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